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Understanding the Man You Love

Understanding the Man You Love

By Rick Johnson

The key to getting your needs met is understanding his needs

It’s easy to get frustrated with the man in your life. So often, he just doesn’t get it. But there’s hope! Men are fairly simple creatures with fairly simple needs. Want your needs met? Learn how to understand his needs and you might be surprised at what happens. And when both of you meet each other’s needs, your marriage becomes stronger—and a lot more fun.

Relationship expert Rick Johnson gives you an open and honest look inside a man’s world. With candor, humor, and insight, Rick shows you how to understand your man, including

· his need for respect and admiration

· his sexual desires

· his relationship with the "other woman" in his life (his mother)

· his work

· his emotions

· his communication style

With the expert advice found in this book, you’ll be well on your way to a satisfying and exciting relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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